Secrets store API keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data.


Passwords, credentials, API keys, and TLS certificates, are sensitive data that need to be stored and accessed in a secured way. With Secrets, you can manage, and use such data within a project in a very simple, fast, and secure way.

A secret is an object that allows you to store data in a secure way. Additionally, it contains other metadata that may include replication locations, tags, and permissions. The encrypted data is stored as an individual object called version.

A version is a structure that stores the value of a secret and it cannot be modified. If you want to modify that value, just add a new version.

Start using Secrets

To start using Secrets, you need to enable the Secret Manager API in your project. Once the Secret Manager API is enabled, you can start adding secrets to your project.

To enable the Secret Manager API your account needs permission.

Let's start creating Secrets! Check the next section and learn how to do it👇.

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