Get up and running with Function Store marketplace platform in a few steps.

What you need to know

Function Store code base

Function Store is built with JavaScript and is a Serverless Cloud Functions marketplace. You can deploy these functions in your Firebase and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects without your codebase getting mired in complexity. If at any point you are looking for answers that you can't find here, try looking at Firebase and GCP documentation.


Before you can start using Function Store, make sure that you have an active Google account. If you don't have one yet, please create it here. Then you need to create a Firebase or GCP project and log in to Function Store.

Note that when you log in, a service account is automatically created for you. This will help us manage things for you.


Once in the app, you have to add that project to the Project list by assigning the following roles to a service account:

  • Cloud Function Admin

  • Firebase Authentication Admin

  • Secret Manager Admin

  • Service Account User

  • Service Usage Admin

These roles contain a set of permissions that allows you to perform specific actions on GCP resources. To know more about permissions, go to:

User permissions

Billing account

You must link your project to a Billing account on GCP. This is a GCP requirement and is used to define who pays for a given set of Google Cloud resources and Google Maps Platform APIs. To know more about permissions, go to:

Link a Billing account to your project

Enable APIs

Your project must also have these APIs enabled in GCP: the Cloud Functions API, the Cloud Build API, and the Secret Manager API. The first one manages lightweight user-provided functions executed in response to events, and the second one stores sensitive data such as API keys, passwords, and certificates.

To know more about APIs and how to enable them, go to:

Enable the APIs

What's next

Let's install a function!

Installing a function

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