Publish functions in the Marketplace

Submit your functions to make them available on the Marketplace.

Once all checks of our CI passed your push, a new build artifact is created for every function that changed from the previous build. Then you will be able to publish that specific version of your functions on the Marketplace.

Before start publishing functions

  1. You must provide the required payout info of your developer account. We will use that info to send you payouts when functions are sold!

  2. Functions are published in the marketplace under a semantic version you specified in the package.json of the function. The same version can't be published twice; you must submit new changes under a new version.

Workflow for publishing a function on the Marketplace.

1. From the functions page, select your function.

On the functions page, only the functions that have successfully passed all checks will be listed.

2. Select the function version you want to submit.

Each function can have multiple versions, and each version can have multiple builds.

3. In the upper-right corner, click the Submit button.

The Submit button will be enabled on versions that weren't previously published.

4. In the "Submit for Review" form, select how you will share the function, free or paid.

You can submit paid or free functions on the Marketplace.

5. If paid, select the function price.

We allow the selection of the price on a fixed set of values.

6. Select the build you want to submit.

Verify that you select the correct build. Only the builds of the selected version are going to be listed.

7. Click the Submit button.

8. Your function is published on the Marketplace.

After you submit the function, it takes ~1 min for your function to be available on the Marketplace.

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