Function Anatomy

Understanding the function folder structure.

Within a function implementation folder, e.g., /function/myFirstFunction

  • main.js is considered the entry point of your function.

  • function.config.json is the configuration file of a particular function to specify certain parameters like the trigger, environment variables, name, description, and more.

  • is where you describe how the functions work and how to use that function. You can write markdown content there, and it will be used as documentation content for developers that want to install or review your function.

  • Every function is an independent Node.js module. Each function inside of /functions folder is considered an independent Node.js module. Hence, it will contain its own package.json file with the dependencies you need on the function implementation.

  • icon.svg is the SVG icon we will use to show as the icon of your function. It's representative on the marketplace, and it's optional. If you don't add it, we will display any by default. To be more consistent, it should be 64x64 pixels.

To help you understand the structure of the function, you can see thefunction helloWorld generated when the workspace boilerplate is created.

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