Building and publishing functions on the Marketplace is a fairly straightforward process.

Function Store offers you as a developer the opportunity to sell cloud functions you previously created, build functions that can be reused in all your internal projects, or even develop custom functions for your customers.

Use Cases

Build functions to sell to other customers on the Marketplace

As a developer, you're producing cloud functions that offer solutions to a specific problem that many customers have, you have spent a lot of time building these solutions, and you want to profit from your work.

As an example, you may have needed to write cloud functions to integrate Stripe for subscription billing, you can upload those functions to the marketplace and sell them to other developers who may require similar capabilities.

Build private functions to reuse in all your internal projects

As a developer building cloud functions, you're producing solutions that solve common use cases throughout your internal development, you can keep those solutions private, and you reuse them in your internal projects.

Build custom functions for specific customers/companies

As a developer or software agency building cloud functions, you're producing solutions that solve use cases that you want to provide only to your clients. You can use Function Store's private workspace to develop proprietary cloud functions that you provide to your own client base.

Many agencies that provide software integration services to their customers use Function Store to reduce manual work and easily provide up-to-date versions of their work for all of their clients.

If any of these cases correspond to your needs, and you want to sign up as a developer on the platform, you can do it by following the steps described below.

How to become a developer?

  1. Complete the "Function Store - Developer Inquiry" form:

    Become a Developer

  2. Our team will reach out to you to schedule a demo.

  3. Go to the meeting with our team for a demo and onboarding instructions.

  4. You are ready to start developing cloud functions!

What do you need to know when you become a developer?

  • By becoming a developer, you agree to the seller's terms of use.

  • If you are building functions to sell on Function Store Marketplace, you must set up a "Connected Account" on Stripe to receive payments when your functions are sold.

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