How to set up a project

The following steps will guide you to grant IAM roles to your service account using the GCP Console.These are required to begin installing Function Store functions.

Follow these steps:

1. In the GCP Console, go to the IAM page.

2. In the project selector, click the drop-down menu if you don't see the name of your project at the top of the page.

3. Select the project or organization to which you want to grant access and click the Open button.

4. In the main content area, click the Add button. In this section, you can add one or more principals and then roles to grant them access to your resources. These principals can be individuals, service accounts, or Google Groups. Note that in this case, you will be adding a service account as a principal.

5. Go to Function Store to copy the Service Account we provide you. You can find it in the Add New Projects page in the upper right corner. Paste it in the New principals box in GCP.

6. Assign Roles to the Service account. The Select a role drop-down menu, contains the roles with a short description of the permissions they grant. Assign the following roles to the service account:

  • Cloud Function Admin: Full access to functions, operations, and locations.

  • Firebase Authentication Admin: Full read/write access to Firebase Authentication resources.

  • Secret Manager Admin: Full access to administer Secret Manager resources.

  • Service Account User: Run operations as the service account.

  • Service Usage Admin: Ability to enable, disable, and inspect service states, inspect operations, and consume quota and billing for a consumer project.

7. Click the Save button. Verify that the principal and the corresponding role are listed on the IAM page.

8. Go to Function Store, click the Check button and wait until the system verifies the permissions again.

Now you have all set up, check the things you can do as a developer in the next section👇.

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