The benefits of Function Store.

In general, most backend developers have to develop multiple projects, and in doing so, usually need to implement the same functionalities. We have realized that one of the best ways to scale software solutions is by building backend reusable functions. These are some of the benefits of using our functions:

Ready-to-use: Functions are a robust set of ready-made piece of code that resolves a specific problem. After installing some Function Store functions, you just have to copy and paste code snippets that we give you to make it work.

Time-efficient: Whether it is a paid or free function, you can use it at any time for all your projects. This saves you time from having to be creating and developing your own functions.

Developer friendly: Functions are carefully developed, well-documented, and well-organized by professionals. This will help you easily understand what you need to do, and shorten development and maintenance time. Plus if you’re a developer with not much experience, you can effortlessly implement complex functionalities in the backend of your app.

Consistency: Installing our functions, will give you a consistent pattern in your project backend. This means that you don’t have to worry about your project having different developers working at the same time with inconsistent coding methodologies. Everything will remain uniform.

Testing: Our functions are more than 90% tested. This allows us to discover defects/bugs before the delivery to our clients, which guarantees the quality of our functions. Thoroughly tested functions ensure reliable and high-performance software operation and it makes our functions easy to use.

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