Getting Started

No one is born knowing how to do anything.

If you're ready to start developing solutions on the Function Store platform, then check out this quick guide. You'll get started in no time!

Implementation Path

This session breaks down some simple but effective steps to help make the process easier for you.

  1. Set up: Install the fstore CLI.

  2. Create workspaces: Create workspaces to group a set of functions.

  3. Writing functions: Build the Cloud Functions by writing JavaScript code.

  4. Push/Update your functions into the cloud: Push your functions using the fstore CLI.

  5. Continuous Integration: You will be able to see the checks we are running on your source code.

  6. Publish functions into the Marketplace: Submit your functions to make them available on the Marketplace.

If you want to keep your functions private for internal use, you can install them in your projects. It is not necessary to publish them on the Marketplace.

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