Frequently asked questions about functions.store.

Can I submit my own functions to be sold on the marketplace?

Yes, you can submit your own functions to be sold on the marketplace. To be approved as a seller please contact [email protected].

How is support handled for functions available on the marketplace?

Each function is supported by the developer who submitted the function to the marketplace. In the event, you run into any issues with installation, billing, or the functions.store platform you can contact our support at [email protected].

Can I use the same function for more than one project?

Yes, as long as it is under the same Google account you can use the same functions across various projects. However, if the project is under a different Google account you'll need to purchase the function using that different account.

Is there a cost to install a function into a project?

Yes, we charge a modest installation fee for each function. The cost is $0.05/install.

Can functions be used for other providers such as AWS or Azure?

At this point in time functions can only be installed on Firebase and GCP projects. In the future, we plan to provide cross-compatible functions for other cloud providers.

I have a question that isn't answered here!

Please, fill in the form and we'll answer your question as soon as we can - usually within 24 business hours.

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